And just like that they're gone.
Leaving behind a trail of haunted memories
Their laugh still echoes the silent roads in the mid of night

Those deep conversations about problems and loves
Those exulted triumphs of smaller success
Replaced by the ghosts of constant chatter
Their old haunts boast of easier times
Lesser care, petty fears and disappearing stress
A burning cigarette that was passed around on a rainy day

Thrown away, reminiscing the pleasure of company
Letters written but not sent. Songs hummed but not sung

The whiskey in the glass, a witness to countless toasts
Now poured to fill the human sized chasms in the heart
The day smirked, cold and dark, in memory of the promises made
To stay in touch, to meet up, to bridge the gap that is distance
Knowing well that every step away was a step further from their fulfillment
Aspirations, dreams and ambitions scattered them around
A shared love was what ensured they would be bound.
Ascertained that the silhouettes of the past had a story to tell.

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