What we stand for?

D361 is the official magazine of NITR. Though latent for some time now, we are here to revive it and bring to the readers the platform to express themselves. D361 represents every individual’s desire to be heard. It is not just a magazine but a road map to the intellectual literary corners of your mind that stay ambushed in the hectic life here at NITR. Among all the busy schedules of classes or preparation for fests or simply maintaining a humane level of existence, we at D361 believe in the art of self-expression and that is what we want to inculcate in the masses.

D361 is not limited to a few people. It is a network which includes anyone and everyone who wish to express themselves. We celebrate individuality and the explosion of thoughts and ways to emote it

What do we do?

D361 is an open platform for all students of NITR to showcase their literary or creative talents. Be it witty, humorous sarcasm like Chandler’s or meme fights on social media or something like Archie’s comic strips or the underrated yet budding poets in our college, we encourage them all to contribute to the magazine and forever be a part of the legend that is in the making.

We intend to create art out of the literary psyche of the students of NITR and unleash their hidden talents. In times where the rat race has become reality of every student’s life, we wish to discover, explore, and celebrate their artistic and literary ventures.

D361 is ready to take on the centre stage and create an explosion in the literary part of your mind palace. So, brace yourselves and let the new avatar of Degree soak in. Because this time, we will soar high in the sky and we will do that together.


John Lennon immortalized this word, and we are here to bring it back in vogue. So get to dreaming, because that is where the magic happens.


Bring your wildest imaginations to life, and we will give you the platform to display it to the world. Avra Kehdabra!


Watch your creations come to life and people appreciate you for the talent you possess. Come on now, step forward and realize your dreams.

Avisek Rath
Rites Bera
Anshuman Bebarta
Arindum Roy
Sriya Sainath
AK Srilekha
Richi Routray
Sambit Maharana
Ansh Balde
Gayatri Vedula
Partha Dhal
Abhinav Kothari
Deepak Kumar
Nishanth CB
Siddhesh Borkar
Sandipan Sen
Soorya Narayan
Tanay Kumar

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About Us

D361 is the official magazine of NITR.