Standing Tall: The Lecture Annexure


Remember that one place you were all asked to huddle into; that place which kept getting mentioned right the very first day that you stepped here?

The Lecture Annexure is that place which every person who was ever associated with NIT Rourkela, is attached to. This is where Math-I took your breaths away, where Truss structures made your heads go criss-cross, where you calculated the Breakdown Point of Chlorine for the very first time and where you learnt to enter the classroom through the door at the front and escape through the one at the back. LA has hosted and hoisted all your dreams; of being a debater, a writer, a Nukkad artist, a tech freak. This is where you had your realization of whether you wanted to be the social diva, the community man or the elite GMAT. It has sorted paths for every confused first year and provided a lap to nurture every kind of talent. Having been and seen the most remarkable sights that NIT has to offer, the LA stands tall, sturdy and homely in its wake, welcoming unknown faces year after year. It knows that it will always be bid goodbye with teary eyed not-so-unfamiliar-faces, after some four years; that, it will always be fondly remembered.

D361 brings you a painting of our very own Lecture Annexure, with the hope that it pulls the heartstrings of the NITR Junta and hits the sweet spot of nostalgia in the hearts of our alumni.

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