The Song


He was so sure that this was the song. The song that he had been looking for.... Was this it? He was in a dilemma if this was the end of the hectic search he had been indulged in for the past hour. Even though he had declared that this was it, his mind kept on telling him that the sudden rush of adrenaline would soon be over. He didn’t want this to end. After all, this was the best thing that had happened to him since he was torn apart by the appalling betrayal of his “soul mate”. At least that was what he used to think of her. Talking of the “appalling betrayal” no one would want to be with someone who keeps on pestering you with his thoughts, or more precisely ‘songs’ in this particular case. His world fell when he saw her “singing somebody else’s song”. Yes....This was what he kept on whining when he saw her with someone else. A music freak, you would be thinking. Who would not?

He was one of those who lives in the music of the moment. Strings pulled during a guitar solo gave him eternal bliss. The one petty humans fumble and tussle to have. Only he knew how the brass, trumpets, drums and the strings fused with ethereal vocals to create a magic only he knew of. Every one of his relationships was a personification of his favourite song. First, when you listen to it it’s like it is a whole different world out there. An aura of utmost glee and mirth surrounds you. It seems that nothing can go wrong and you have achieved everything you wanted. Living life after this seems futile. The prime of the song is love and you never want your fairy tale to end. You do what you would do with a “happy day”, you live it over and over again. The gullible lad fell into the Devil’s trap. Did the same and experienced the charm and fascination of melody wither away with each passing moment. The sun had descended and the charisma of his favourite song had died as had his every relationship.
He had never wanted this to end. His new found ‘perfect’ song was his new love. “I don’t want to lose you”, the gullible music freak sighed. Music was love to him and he seriously wanted to make this particular relationship work. “You have to be loved to experience love. One has to be happy and if love is the way to it, then loving is the ride”. So once again our gullible freak played ‘the’ song, aware that this too shall pass.

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