"Hello?" A familiar voice said over the phone. The sound of a voice she knew all too well rang new in her ears. "Hello?" It repeated. But the words that had longed to be spoken all those months ago, couldn't find their way to her tongue. The ghosts of her past, resurrected now, flashed in front of her eyes a stream of interlocked fingers, rainy nights, drunk conversations, shared cigarettes, indulgent laughs, and amongst many other things, a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. Those eyes. "Prettier than mine" she conceded in silence, reminiscing the mischievous banter they would have about it. Here, alone in a strange city, all she wanted was to be able to look into them again and find the solace they had once given her. "Heyy" she finally said. It strung a higher pitch than her usual baritone and she wondered if it would be able to go unnoticed. "Yes?" Replied a seemingly indifferent voice. God. Her tummy was churning. The voice still gave her butterflies, yes, but this was different. Her heart, fluttering and sinking into the chasm that was so non-chalantly created, screamed a silent plea. Maybe it was a defense mechanism or maybe just reality, it didn't matter. This voice was giving her a peace that had been alien for far too long, she wasn't gonna let it go in vain. Small talk, though a forte of neither, was the star of that thirty minute conversation that felt like an eternity. The words they said aloud, absolutely incoherent with their thoughts, were a harsh reassurance of their absolute alienation from one another. When the conversation finally refused to be dragged on any longer, they bid their farewells with passive pleas for an encore soon, stoically refusing to give up the facade. But on that cold, rainy night, two people slept just a little more warm.

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