The Abyss

Life is full of ups and downs, they say. Every cloud has a silver lining, they say.
But what they don’t tell you is that when the ‘ups’ are no longer sufficient,
when they fail to compensate, you fall. Hard. The clouds you look to, smite you
and leave you numb. And only when you’ve taken more beatings than you can
count are you worthy of entering The Abyss.
Let me show you around. This dark room here is a living quarter for our guests.
Not one of a kind, you’ll find all the other quarters based on this design; we
don’t discriminate. Moving on, this dark corner is our Introspection Area, or as
some have come to call it, the ‘Beat-Up Pub’…. I’m sorry? Did someone ask
about the light? Oh yes! I forgot to tell you. We don’t believe in it.
The guests here are a glorious mix of ethnicities and races. You won’t believe
the number of applications we get every day, from every imaginable place.
Some are so desperate to get in, they apply with every breath they take. You
see, we aren’t a facility designed to help. No. We offer nothing more than what
you see all around you- darkness. What’s so special about that you might
wonder? Just that we live up to our promise. Nothing more, nothing less; what
you see is what you get.
The Abyss can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It offers an escape from
The World. A demonic place, that. Deceiving, lying, and cruel to the core. And
if you’ve had the experiences our guests have managed to, be sure to get an
invite. Some have faced so much, all they wanted was to break free. The others,
the quieter ones you’ll see around here, were pushed in. They thought they
could manage; face the big, bad World by themselves. But they need us. More
than they realize.
We offer refuge to such tormented souls. The purest refuge of all. She who sees
all, knows all, and touches all. Darkness. And in Her presence, our guests do
what they have to, to ready themselves for the next face-off. She gives them
strength, for they know that here, all are equal. No demon too big to fight. No
Devil to fear. And when you have vanquished them all, you rise out of The
Abyss, stronger than ever before.
By now you must be wondering, who might I be?! I’m no saint, no angel. I’m
neither the manager, nor a guest and most definitely not God! You know me.
But I lay forgotten in the recesses of your mind as you faced the raging storm.

But here I am, ready to guide you through; to be your light. They call me by
different names, but you can call me Hope.

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