Again We Rise

To learn, to heal, to raise
We must fall, voluntarily
And not land on soft cushion
Let the thud echo in our mind
And resonate with our conscience
Let our bones break and crush
And crush us beyond repair
And the zeal within paralyze itself
And rot, inch by inch
Until it begs for mercy killing
And yet witness its life
Far more painful than death
That will ease its struggle
Let your bright corners of wall crumble
And fall, creating a debris
Blocking every ray of light your life can afford
Creating eternal darkness
Let your memories that strengthened you
Turn into nightmares
Haunting you every moment
Murdering your hopes, your desires
Until your life comes to a scary standstill
Vacuum engulfing you, nowhere to go
Leaving you helpless in a zone of nowhere
An island disconnected from life and death
Let your epiphanies weep and plead guilty
As their voices tremble and fade away
And in meek, silent whispers
They regret about their mistakes
Miraged as glorified achievements
When your past and your present stop dwelling
And turn into rag pickers, fighting for pity crumbs
Only then you will let go of them
Discard their presence, their existence
And start fresh, from the scratch
Nothing to hold you back, no facade of triumph
And time will rub its ointment
It's secret recipe of healing
And if you embrace the new beginning
Your world after doomsday
You will only rise
For falling down will cease to exist.

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